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Alice Springs War Graves Plot

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During WWII, the Northern Territory became the site of the largest operational base in the South West Pacific. Darwin became a naval base. RAAF bases were established in Alice Springs, Batchelor, Darwin, Katherine and many other locations.

Alice Springs was the headquarters of a large base establishment, as was Adelaide River. The main road running north to Darwin was built during the 1939-1945 War, to facilitate the transport of supplies and war materials to Australia’s most vulnerable area.

The Alice Springs War Graves Plot lies within the Alice Springs Cemetery and contains the graves of one sailor, 25 soldiers and three airmen belonging to the forces of Australia: 29 graves in all. They are together in a group at the far end of the cemetery, save for one grave which is in the Church of England plot. The grave of a Vietnam casualty lies adjacent to the war plot.

Alice Springs Cenotaph. Photograph courtesy of
Alice Springs War Graves Plot
Alice Springs War Graves